d3 is a software deployment and patch management system for OS X that enhances the capabilities of Jamf Pro from JAMF Software. It was created by Pixar Animation Studios.


d3, also known as 'depot3', is a software deployment and patch-management system built on top of Jamf Pro from JAMF Software. It adds these capabilities and more to Jamf Pro's package handling:

• Automatic software updates on clients when new versions are released on the server
• Pre-release piloting of new packages
• Customizable slideshow presented during logout/reboot installs
• Installs and uninstalls are conditional on the exit status of pre-flight scripts
• Packages can be expired (auto-uninstalled) after a period of disuse
• Both the client and admin tools are command-line only and fully scriptable<
• Command-line options allow integration with developer workflows & other automation

It interfaces with Jamf Pro mostly via the REST API using ruby-jss. It also accesses the JSS's backend MySQL database directly to provide enhanced features.

d3 is available as an installer package, suitable for most users, and a Ruby gem called 'depot3'. The source code is in ruby and available from the depot3 github project

Please see the Documentation for more info, as well as installation and setup details.

d3 is released under a modified Apache License v2.0. Please see the LICENSE.txt file for details.



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